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TACTIC Dynamic
The TACTIC Dynamic is a mobile, variable traffic information system consisting of an LED information display combined with modular integrated optical signaling. When information needs to be shared quickly and clearly, the TACTIC Dynamic is the right choice. Centered around safety, the Silca LED screen provides optimal visibility with the ability to rotate 45 ° to the left or right.

The Silca display is equipped with a so-called sleep mode. If the LED is not lit, the display does not consume any power. This saves 60% energy.

Advantages of the TACTIC Dynamic

  • The visibility is optimal due to its position on the roof

  • The rotating information display allows the Fend-off position

  • By using high-quality materials, the TACTIC Dynamic is resistant to extreme weather influences

  • Can be mounted on almost any type of vehicle

  • The control can be done with a fixed touchscreen in the vehicle or a tablet

  • The TACTIC Dynamic can be used functionally up to 130 km / h

  • Thanks to the pre-programmed symbols in the application, switching between images is no problem

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