• Auto-DRIPS


    The Auto-DRIP is a physical object used to inform, warn and advise road users through uniform clear texts and/or icons on a display.

    The information is used for disasters, accidents, events or road works. The main advantage of the Auto-DRIP is that it is always on your car, so it is easy to act in any emergency.

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  • Quick-Cube


    The Quick-Cube is used for temporary lane lighting.

    Quick-Cube is a mobile lamp with sizes of 80x80 cm, three will fit easily on one lorry and over 30 on a trailer.

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Silca Traffic Systems Europe BV specializes in traffic information systems.



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About Silca

Silca Traffic Systems Europe BV is the producer of high-quality mobile traffic systems also known as message boards. Also Silca specialist in the product auto-drip.

For different traffic situations Silca has developed the right equipment and products. Almost all systems can be remotely controlled, low maintenance, protected against theft and approved by the Department of Road Transport.

The traffic demands control... We offer you the solution in every situation!

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Products and services

Through years of experience we know what we are talking about when it comes to work safely along the way.

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STW 2250

This message board is comparable to the STW 1700. The only difference is the width of the base which is 240 cm giving it a wider display.

STW 2250


This message board does the same amount of work with less materials. An economical and efficient option.


STW 1700

This message board has a chassis width of only 170 cm, making it suitable for any motorway or road, even on the emergency lane.

STW 1700