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Through the years, Silca has proven itself as a reliable partner when it comes to service.


By our personal contact we can provide you and your needs better understand and translate your needs to the right product. We also offer additional services such as repair and maintenance to your products



Nowadays it’s fairly easy to damage a vehicle.  Has Silca become an expert in repairing the damage to your message boards, TMAs, Auto-DRIPs and arrow trailers.                             

A vehicle or TMA is always in a sensitive location along the highway with heavy traffic. This causes damage. Silca can repair the damage and will make the product look and function like new.

Service contract

Save up on reparations with our service contract.

To help you with repairs and maintenance, we offer you the option to take out a subscription service at Silca Traffic Systems Europe BV.

The subscription is based on ALL-IN. You will only receive a fixed subscription price and everything accounted for. You know exactly what you will pay per year.


To subscribe

When you decide to use this subscription, which we can imagine very well, please contact us.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In case of failure and / or malfunction, please call the general phone number for Silca Traffic Systems Europe: +31 344 722 944.


Outside the opening hours of Silca, you can call and talk to one of our technical specialists on the phone. Specialist can provide you with telephone support and advice and, if necessary, one of our specialists will come to you to help you.

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