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About Silca

For over 15 years, Silca has been the leading manufacturer of mobile traffic information systems, more commonly known as message boards, lane closing trailers and crash absorbers. Silca is known for its quality and fast service.


Our central location in the Netherlands and Europe means that we are quickly at the scene. Silca has 24/7 service.


We do our own production and engineering so we are able to quickly meet the needs of our clients with functional designs. One example of our work is the Silca Auto-DRIP for the Dutch Government. We also designed and produced the Quick-Cube, a revolutionary concept that provides temporary highway street lights.

Silca is the company to call for service, repair, design and development.



Silca would like to be seen as a prominent visible producer partner with extensive innovative concepts. Energy neutral when possible.


A well thought-out sustainable and innovative program to make a strong contribution to traffic flow and safety in public areas.


We do this with a healthy and transparent business management. The organization is decisive, reliable, flexible and technically strong. We are proactive when it comes to sharing knowledge with and advising clients.


We work in a fair way together as partners with our customers and suppliers. Success for both parties is our goal. We stimulate an entrepreneurial style full of openness and trust. In this way we work with a sense of responsibility and at the same time focused on the future.


Silca is a leading producer of mobile traffic information systems and innovative mobile lighting. We also carry out the engineering in our own hands. We operate in a market in which traffic and safety come together and play a significant role.

We are happy to develop into the most modern mobile systems that are used to promote traffic flow and safety in public areas. We actually listen to our customers, advise expertly and know how to translate specific wishes into reality. In the development of these systems, guaranteed quality, certainty and monitoring of the budget play an important role. But also, a quick implementation. After all, our customers want to serve the public area and are optimally available to optimize traffic flow and guarantee safety.

We are an expert for every government organization and all service firms. And with an office in the center of the Netherlands and by knowledge, expertise and enthusiastic experienced professionals, we contribute to the optimization of traffic flow and safety in public areas.

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