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STW Rain

This message board does the same amount of work with less materials. An economical and efficient option.


RAIN is a mobile trailer with pre-warning trailers equipped with Variable Message Signs (VMS). In 2012, the Dutch Government approved the use of this type of trailer for both daytime and night-time. The RAIN trailer was the first of its type to be fully approved by the Dutch Government for this type of use. It warns road users of roadworks and accidents in advance.


Two or three RAIN trailers create a safe roadwork environment. This is highly visible for road users from a distance. The RAIN trailer can be used on all types of roads. This product is another example of Silca’s innovative skills.


The advantages of this trailer are:

  • The RAIN display can be assembled on a bus or tow vehicle.

  • Display 20mm SMD LED.

  • 80x160 pixels.

  • Approval for use as traffic information vehicle.

  • Remote controlled by internet and very solid RAIN operating system.

  • Solar energy.

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