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The Quick-Cube is a mobile light post with sizes of 80x80 cm, three will fit easily on one lorry and over 30 on a trailer. Its LED lights are approved by the Road Safety Department.


Rust is not a problem for the galvanized Quick-Cube. The LED light is fully protected when the lamp post is stored or placed on a trailer. The entire unit is easy to lift and to put in place. The Quick-Cube is vandal proof. It runs on batteries. More than one kilometer of highway can be installed in less than 60 minutes. The Quick-Cube can be placed 50 meters apart. Standard CO2 neutral. The LED light goes up to 9 meters and can withstand wind force 9. The Quick- Cube is approved by the Road Safety.


Several options available

  • Solar panel

  • Wind energy

  • Fuel cell

  • Fuel engine

  • Light and wind sensor

  • Various light fixtures

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